Aswat Acherim



Blessed with the wit of a Brit and the doggedness of a woman who bore and raised five children while helping her husband build a farm a few yards from the wall. On most days, she’s either hosting groups from around the world, on the phone with friends in Gaza or driving sick Palestinian patients from Gaza to hospitals in Israel.


Eric is the founder of OTHER VOICE. His friendship with the late Eyad El-Sarraj gave birth to the group and to the friendships on either side of the wall. In defiance of Israeli government’s directives, he has played host to friends from Gaza on numerous occasions. His work and initiatives extends far beyond the wall.


He is the face of the loss and hope on both sides. He lost his daughter three weeks before her wedding to a Qassam rocket. But, he surprised many when he shunned bitterness and revenge and, opted for good neighborliness. Over the objection of his wife and family, he took his campaign all over the region and some parts of the world.


Marwan shows the strength of the human spirit and the limitless capacity to love even the “enemy”.He mentors a group of children, teaching them love and understanding of their Israeli neighbors before they drown in the river of hate flowing between both sides.


Dogged, determined and careful in measured doses, she brings the reality of life in Gaza to Israelis in Sderot and people around the world. She is one of the very few Gazans who are allowed to cross into Israel once or twice a year when she accompanies a relative on hospital visits.


Ahmed is the youngest character but may be the most resilient. While most people in Gaza are scared to admit they know anyone on the other side of the wall, Ahmed actively conducts seminars and events that promote and celebrate his friendship with Israelis across the wall.